If you ever decide to visit Barcelona then your Sagrada Familia should certainly be one of the itineraries. The truth about Sagrada Familia is that the construction work here is going on since last 136 years. This itself is a testament to the glory of this place. Every year million of visitors come to this place to witness this place from a close angle.

La Sagrada Familia has already lived through a number of ages where contribution of multiple ideas of architecture of different periods have been provided. That is the reason this cathedral is very much different from any other cathedrals that you might have seen in any part of the world.

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Meaning of Sagrada Familia

The construction work of Sagrada Familia started in the year 1882 and it is still under construction. It is one of the symbols of Christian faith and also an international centre of spirituality. It symbolises the peace, love, faith and harmony. If you try to translate the literal meaning of Sagrada Familia then it is ‘Holy Family’ or ‘Sacred Family’.

Why it is so famous?

This church is famous due to its incredible design and its expansive dimensions. One of the famous architects called Antoni Gaudi had been involved in the design of this church during most part of his life till his death on 1926. It has not yet been declared as actual home of bishop to get the status of cathedral however the architect Gaudi was clear in his mind that one day people will know Barcelona only because of this structure and will be known as cathedral.

Why people like to visit here?

Every travel guide will advice you to visit to Sagrada Familia, if you are visiting to Barcelona and it is considered to be number one attraction of this place. This medieval cathedral is one of the wonders, despite its construction work is still in progress. Its sight is really very impressive to see. It is considered to be most visited place in the Spain.

When should you visit the Sagrada Familia?

As such, one can visit to this place during any season of the year, however certain time of the year is considered to be better. You will need approximately couple of hours to get good feel about this place which has got two towers. Every morning it opens at 9 am and one must arrive there at least 15 minutes in advance as the queue is pretty long and starts during early morning itself. If you already have booked ticket in advance then visiting during 9am to 12 pm will be quite ok.

During 10.30 am to 11.30 am the sunlight enters into the basilica at very spectacular angle and therefore you can capture the beautiful sight of basilica in your camera. Also, if you visit during 5 pm to 6 pm then due to sunset too, gorgeous light comes through the window. However, if you are not interested to go inside the cathedral and take outside picture then any time of the day is good enough to take picture.


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